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"Jaclyn Smith demonstrates a strong work ethic and is dedicated to providing positive interpersonal skills to facilitate the desires of those she works for. She has a kind heart and will go above and beyond to meet the needs of others in a timely manner. I can't say enough positive things about Jaclyn and would highly recommend her to anyone interested in buying/selling a house."

Jen Douse

"Working with Jaclyn was a superb experience. She routinely went out of her way to accommodate our schedule and quickly answer our many questions. She was great in coordinating every step of the process for us. With Jaclyn's help, we were able to find and purchase our dream home - truly what we wanted in every way. Once we found that property, we had Jaclyn list our former house. With her resources we were able to go under contract within 72 hours. We couldn't have been happier with our decision to use RiverWILD Real Estate as a buyer and a seller."

Dr. Cole Bradburn

"Jaclyn made a stressful process easier for a busy family. She was supportive and helpful throughout the purchase and sale of our home. We would recommend her to any family looking to make Clayton their home!"

Maureen Finn

"Jaclyn Smith was more than prepared when we toured several neighborhoods in and around Clayton. We bombarded her with questions which she had the answers to them all. From comps, to lot prices, to school information. I would highly recommend Jaclyn to anyone interested in Clayton and surrounding areas."

George Fisher

"I worked with Jaclyn through the sales of two different properties over several years. The first sale I had initially initiated through a different realtor and after a year on the market decided to give Jaclyn a chance. What an awesome decision!! The property was under contract in 9 days!! The second property 2 1/2 years later I listed with Jaclyn and was under contract in 8 days!!! Jaclyn is just an awesome person to work with!! She is very down to earth and very enjoyable to do business with. You meet her and feel you've known her your whole life. I can't really say enough good about her and think anyone would enjoy having her as your realtor."

Mike Gomez

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