Are you playing the waiting game? ⏳ We need to talk!

Delaying the purchase of that $350,000 new Johnston County new home by just 6 months could cost you a minimum of $9,231. 💸

Don't let this Tik-Tok away – check out the graphics below for the breakdown!

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Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 11-55-43 AM

And here's the latest scoop – Johnston County's real estate market has seen a significant shift since January 1st. More buyers are stepping up, and with the impressive influx, builder incentives might soon vanish. 🏡

As the market heats up, multiple offers and higher due diligence fees could be on the horizon, especially if inventory stays put. Don't be caught off guard! Connect with one of our RiverWILD agents today to secure your dream home without breaking the bank.

If you are still on the fence asking whether now is the best time to buy, just understand this… it’s never a bad time to own!

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